What is Toronto Known For? 17 Things It’s Famous For)

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. It is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Toronto is home to many iconic landmarks, including the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Art Gallery of Ontario. The city has a diverse culinary scene, a wide range of international cuisine, and a thriving foodie culture. The city is a hub for sports, with teams in major league baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer. Toronto is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the world.

Toronto is known for its multicultural population, thriving arts and cultural scene, and vibrant business district. It is home to iconic landmarks, has a diverse culinary scene, competitive universities, professional sport teams, and is its green spaces. Toronto is a great city with a thriving foodie culture.

The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is one of Canada’s largest and most comprehensive museums. It was founded in 1914 and is dedicated to studying and preserving natural history, world cultures, and art. The museum has over 40 galleries displaying diverse artifacts, including dinosaurs, mummies, precious stones, and over 6 million specimens worldwide. The ROM also has several special exhibitions, live demonstrations, and interactive displays that provide visitors with an immersive cultural experience. It is a popular tourist attraction in Toronto and a must-visit for history, culture, and art enthusiasts. 

The Historic Distillery District

The Distillery District is a historic neighborhood in Toronto that was once home to the largest distillery in the British Empire. Today, it is a popular destination for locals and tourists, offering a unique mix of historic architecture, independent boutiques, art galleries, theaters, and cafes. The cobblestone streets and Victorian-era brick buildings provide a charming backdrop for a stroll. The district is also home to several festivals and events throughout the year, including the annual Christmas market.

The Iconic CN Tower 

The CN Tower is an iconic landmark and a symbol of Toronto, Canada. It is a 553 meters (1,815-feet) tall communications and observation tower located downtown. The tower features observation decks and a 360-degree rotating restaurant, offering panoramic views of the city and Lake Ontario. In addition, the CN Tower has a glass floor, allowing visitors to look straight down to the street below. The tower offers various attractions, such as EdgeWalk, a hands-free walk around the edge of the tower, and SkyPod, which provides the highest point of view of the city.

The Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is a major Canadian art museum in Toronto. It is the largest art museum in the province of Ontario and one of the largest in Canada. The AGO features a diverse collection of over 95,000 works of art, from contemporary to historical, and includes Canadian, Indigenous, European, African, and contemporary art. It also showcases works by renowned artists such as Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, and the Group of Seven, as well as cutting-edge contemporary exhibitions. The museum’s facilities include multiple galleries, a research center, a library, a theater, and a restaurant. 

Nathan Phillips Square

Nathan Phillips Square is a public space located in downtown Toronto. The square covers an area of over 2.5 acres and features several monuments, sculptures, and fountains. It is a popular gathering place for locals and tourists, hosting various events throughout the year, such as concerts, festivals, and skating events. The square is also home to the iconic Toronto sign, which was installed in 2015 to celebrate the city’s diversity. With its stunning architecture, public art, and bustling atmosphere, Nathan Phillips Square is a must-see for anyone visiting Toronto.

Shopping at the Eaton Centre

The Eaton Centre is a popular shopping destination in downtown Toronto. It features over 230 retail stores, restaurants, and a large indoor public space known as the Galleria. Some popular stores include Hudson’s Bay, Forever 21, Apple, and Zara. The shopping center also houses several dining options, including fast food chains and sit-down restaurants, making it an ideal place for a full day of shopping and dining. The Eaton Centre’s central location makes it easily accessible by public transit, and it’s a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year.

The Casa Loma Castle

Casa Loma is a historic castle located in Toronto, Canada. Built between 1911 and 1914, it was once the home of Canadian financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. The castle features Gothic Revival architecture with turrets, secret passages, and a scenic lookout over the city. Visitors can explore the castle’s ornate interiors, including the grand hallway, library, drawing room, and dining room. The estate also includes lush gardens, stables, and a conservatory. Casa Loma is now a museum and popular tourist attraction, offering a unique blend of history and elegance in the heart of Toronto. 

Over 5,000 Animals at the Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Canada, home to over 5,000 animals of over 500 different species. The zoo spans 287 hectares and features several animal habitats, including African Savanna, Indo-Malaya, Americas, and Tundra Trek. The zoo has several conservation and research programs and offers interactive experiences such as animal encounters and behind-the-scenes tours. Visitors can also enjoy rides and attractions like the Zoomobile and the zoo’s many themed gardens. With a focus on education and wildlife conservation, the Toronto Zoo is a must-visit for animal lovers of all ages. 

Trip to the St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is a historic public market in Toronto’s Old Town neighborhood. It’s a bustling hub of activity where locals and tourists come to shop for fresh produce, baked goods, gourmet cheeses, and artisanal crafts. Established in 1803, it’s one of North America’s oldest continuously running markets. In addition to its vibrant food stalls, the market also houses a series of specialty shops, cafes, and restaurants. On weekends, the market comes alive with the sounds of street performers and the aromas of local food vendors, making it a popular destination for shopping and entertainment. 

Scenic Ferry Ride to Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands is a popular tourist destination and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A scenic ferry ride from the mainland to the islands is a must-do activity for visitors. The ferry ride offers panoramic views of Lake Ontario. During the ferry ride, visitors can also see some of Toronto’s iconic landmarks, such as the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and the Toronto skyline. The ferry ride is a peaceful and relaxing way to travel, allowing one to get away from the city and enjoy the fresh air and scenic views.

Toronto’s Street Art

Toronto is known for its vibrant street art scene, with colorful murals and street art installations dotting the city’s streets and alleyways. From the iconic “Take Back the Power” mural on Queen Street West to the massive, multicolored mural in the Fashion District, Toronto’s street art reflects the city’s diverse and creative community. Many of the city’s murals are commissioned by local businesses and community organizations, adding a unique touch to the neighborhood’s aesthetics. Street art also serves as a platform for artists to express their ideas and messages, making the city’s streets a canvas for social and political commentary.

Watch a Game at the Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre is a sports and entertainment venue located in downtown Toronto. Watching a game at the Rogers Centre is a great activity for sports fans visiting the city. The stadium is home to the Toronto Blue Jays, a Major League Baseball team, and has a seating capacity of over 50,000. The retractable roof ensures that games can be played in any weather condition, making it an enjoyable and comfortable experience. During a game, visitors can enjoy food and drinks from the numerous concession stands and check out the merchandise from the team store. 

Royal Alexandra Theatre

The Royal Alexandra Theatre, located in Toronto’s entertainment district, is a landmark venue for live theater and musical performances. The theater, which opened in 1907, has a rich history and is one of North America’s oldest continuously operating theaters. The theater’s interior is beautifully restored, featuring ornate plasterwork, gilded moldings, and plush seating. The stage is large and well-equipped, making it the perfect venue for big Broadway productions, musicals, and plays. Before or after the show, visitors can enjoy a meal or drinks at one of the many nearby restaurants and bars. 

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a world-class aquarium located in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district. The aquarium is home to over 16,000 sea creatures, including more than 450 species of fish, marine mammals, and other aquatic life. Visitors can explore a variety of habitats, including the Dangerous Lagoon, a 360-degree ocean tunnel where they can walk through a virtual underwater world surrounded by sea creatures. The interactive exhibits and touch tanks allow visitors to learn about and engage with sea life hands-on. 

Food Tour Through Toronto’s Diverse Neighborhoods

Toronto is known for its diverse and vibrant food scene, with various cuisines worldwide. Taking a food tour through the city’s diverse neighborhoods is a great way to taste what Toronto offers. From Little Italy to Greektown to the bustling markets of Chinatown, visitors can sample local dishes and delicacies while learning about each neighborhood’s cultural history and traditions. A food tour is a great opportunity to try new foods and discover hidden gems with the guidance of a local expert. 

The Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs, in the east end of Toronto, is a series of cliffs that rise dramatically from the shores of Lake Ontario. The bluffs, formed over 12,000 years ago, offer stunning views of the lake and the surrounding countryside. The cliffs range in height from 90 to 140 meters and are a popular destination for hiking, picnicking, and bird watching. At the bottom of the bluffs, visitors can enjoy a walk along the sandy beach, relax in one of the many parks, or try their hand at fishing. 

The Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum is a world-class museum in Toronto dedicated to preserving, studying, and promoting Muslim civilizations’ arts, culture, and heritage. The museum’s collection includes over 1,000 objects, including rare manuscripts, textiles, ceramics, and metalwork, dating from the 9th to the 19th centuries. The museum’s galleries are designed to showcase the Islamic world’s diverse and rich cultural heritage. Visitors can also enjoy a range of temporary exhibitions, concerts, and educational programs. The Aga Khan Museum is home to a beautiful park and Islamic Garden, which offers stunning views of the surrounding architecture.