What is Nashville, Tennessee Known For? (19 Things It’s Famous For)

Located in the state of Tennessee, Nashville is the largest city in that state and is also the state’s capital. It is also the seat of Davidscon County. It’s known for having a great music scene, especially country music. There are more than 100 live music venues in Nashville.

Nashville is known for giving birth to country music, one of the most popular genres of music today. It’s a hub for foodies and beer connoisseurs. It’s a place where you can go out to eat at some fantastic restaurants and enjoy some great local craft beer while you’re there.

The Origin of Country Music

Nashville is known for being the birthplace of country music. It is also known as Music City. It’s where you’ll find the Grand Ole Opry and many famous artists who have called Nashville home. You can learn more about these notable people at any of the many country music festivals held in Nashville every year. 

Excellent Place for Families 

Nashville is also an excellent place for families. You can visit the Adventure Science Center, which features interactive exhibits that will entertain kids of all ages. Another great place for kids is the Nashville Children’s Theatre, where they can see plays performed by local artists and even participate in their productions.

The Best Whiskeys

Nashville is known for its whiskey. It dates back to the 1800s when distilleries were founded in Nashville by immigrants from Ireland and Scotland. Today, you can visit these distilleries to learn more about their history and taste some of their best products. You can see several popular brands in the city, like Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and George Dickel Tennessee Whisky. These two distilleries are located in the same town and even share a building. So if you’re looking to enjoy some whiskey, there’s no better place than Nashville.

Hot Chicken

Nashville is known for hot chicken, a spicy fried chicken dish that’s become a staple of southern cuisine. The exact origins of hot chicken are unclear, but it’s thought to have been created by Abe Lincoln in 1937. The dish was originally served only at night and football games. Now, it’s available throughout the day at restaurants throughout Nashville and beyond. Hot chicken is made by coating pieces of white meat in flour mixed with cayenne pepper (and sometimes other spices), then deep frying them until they’re crispy on the outside but still juicy inside.

Goo Goo Clusters

The Goo Goo Cluster is a gooey, chocolatey treat made in Nashville. It’s made by the Goo Goo Cluster Company, which started in 1912 and has been producing these candies ever since. They’re a Nashville staple and can be found at nearly every store around town, look for the iconic logo. These delicious treats are also popular souvenirs for tourists to take home with them when they visit Music City, USA. Goo Goo Clusters are made from pecans, caramel, chocolate, and marshmallow. Pair them with a glass of milk, and you’ve got yourself a delicious snack!

Meat and Three

A meat and three is a southern tradition, but it’s also become popular in other parts of the country. It’s a meal that includes meat, usually fried chicken or pork chops, and three sides (vegetables). The diner or restaurant where you choose your meat and three sides is called a “meat-and-three.” It is an excellent way for people from all over the world who have never tried southern food before to try something new without overwhelming themselves. The most common sides on a meat-and-three menu are macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, turnip greens, or collard greens.

Hippie Chic

Hippie chic is a style of fashion and music that originated in the 1960s. It was popularized by the hippie movement, which started in San Francisco and spread across America. Hippies were inspired by the bohemian culture and wanted to be free from societal norms, so they wore clothing made from natural materials like hemp or denim jeans. Many different cultures, such as Native American jewelry designs and African patterns on shirts, influenced hippie chic. They also wore long hair with flowers braided into it! This look has recently become very popular thanks to celebrities like Gwen Stefani.

Bachelorette Parties

Nashville is a popular destination for bachelorette parties, and it’s easy to see why. The city has a reputation for being fun, with lots of things to do and many bars and restaurants that cater specifically to this crowd. If you’re planning a group trip here with your friends, then it’s essential that you know which places are best suited for hosting such events, and we’ve got them all here. If you’re looking for a bar with plenty of space to dance and drink, then Headliners Music Hall is the place for you.

Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is a weekly country music radio broadcast that has aired since 1925. It’s the longest-running radio show in history, and it started at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Today it’s held at the Grand Ole Opry House (a newer venue built on the same site). The show brings together some of country music’s biggest stars for an annual concert series that draws thousands of fans yearly. The Grand Ole Opry has featured many famous country stars, including Patsy Cline, Hank Williams Sr., and Dolly Parton. It’s still a popular venue for country music fans today!

Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass is a style of American roots music developed in the Southern United States in the 1930s. It has since become one of the most recognized genres in American folk music. Old-time music, blues, country influences, and traditional English ballads such as Barbara Allen and Lord Randall inspired Bluegrass. Bluegrass features string instruments like the guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle; other standard instruments include double bass (or stand-up bass), dobro (a type of resonator guitar), harmonica, and percussion instruments such as drums or washboard.

Introducing R&B

R&B was introduced to Nashville in the 1940s. It was brought by musicians from Memphis, where R&B was already famous. They quickly made a name for themselves and started playing at some of the city’s most popular venues, such as Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and The Bluebird Cafe. Before R&B came along, country music dominated Nashville’s overall musical scene. But when the R&B genre took hold of Nashville’s heartstrings (and ears), everything changed: suddenly, new genres were being created every day; artists were collaborating outside their usual circles.


The Bushwackers are a Nashville-based band that has been around since the early 2000s. Their unique sound and live performances have made them famous in the city, but they aren’t just limited to it: they’ve performed at festivals across America and even toured Europe in 2014. The Bushwackers’ music is influenced by country, rock, and blues. While their sound isn’t exactly mainstream country music, they do incorporate elements of traditional hillbilly tunes into their songs as well as some heavy electric guitar riffs, which gives them something different from most other bands.

Well-Known Celebrities

Nashville has produced several famous musicians and singers, including Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban. Dolly Parton is another famous entertainer who got her start in Nashville before moving on to Los Angeles. Willie Nelson has been a resident since the early 1970s and continues to be active in the city’s music scene today; he has his own restaurant, The Outpost Steakhouse & Saloon on Music Row! Nashville is also home to many stars from other genres: Kenny Chesney grew up before becoming one of country music’s biggest stars, and Faith Hill was born here but moved away when she was young.

Gaylord Opryland

Gaylord Opryland is a resort with a waterpark, hotel, convention center, and aquarium. It also has an indoor amusement park with rides and games for all ages. There’s also a golf course if you want to play alone. There are so many things to do at this resort that it should be enough for anyone who visits Nashville!.The hotel is large and has many amenities, but it’s also costly. So if you want to stay at the resort, you’ll have to plan and book your room well in advance.

Porter Flea

Porter Flea is a monthly flea market held at the Porter Flea & Food Truck Park. It’s open from 10 am to 6 pm on the second Saturday of each month, and vendors sell everything from home goods to jewelry to food. You might also see some live music performances during this time, so check out their schedule if that’s something you’re interested in! In addition to Porter Flea, several other events are happening around Nashville during August, like The Flannel Festival and Music City Hot Chicken Festival.

Tomato Art Fest

Tomato Art Fest is a festival in Nashville, Tennessee, every year in August. The event features tomato-themed art exhibits, such as paintings and sculptures made of tomatoes. Tomato Art Fest was started by artist Andy Warhol in 1976 when he hosted his exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art called “Tomatoes.” Since then, it has become an annual tradition for many people living in the city of Nashville who enjoy celebrating their love for tomatoes by creating pieces of art using this fruit as their medium!

Nashville’s Parthenon

The Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It was built as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition in 1897. The building still stands today and is used as a museum and art gallery by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (Metro). The original Parthenon is an ancient Greek temple located on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The temple was dedicated to Athena, the patron goddess of Athens and the goddess of war. It was built in honor of Athena’s birth from Zeus’ head, which is why it’s also known as “The Parthenon.”

The Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators are a professional ice hockey team based in Nashville, Tennessee. They played their home games at Bridgestone Arena and joined the National Hockey League (NHL) as an expansion franchise in 1998. The Preds have won one conference championship, four division titles, and two Presidents’ Trophies since then. Everyone in Nashville roots for the Predators, but it’s easy to understand why the team has such a loyal fan base. The Preds have been one of the most successful teams in the NHL since their inception and have consistently been one of the highest-rated teams on television.

The Batman Building

Any DC fan will tell you that the Batman Building is one of the most iconic buildings in Nashville. Located in the downtown part, this art deco-inspired skyscraper was designed by the same architect who designed the original Batman Building in Chicago. It was built in 1939 and included a mix of retail stores and offices on its first three floors, with apartments above that. Today it’s most notable for its eye-catching architecture and as a famous filming location for movies and TV shows such as Nashville (the ABC show), Stranger Things (Netflix series), Ready Player One (Steven Spielberg film), Nightcrawler (Jake Gyllenhaal movie).