What is Mexico Known For? (20 Things It’s Famous For)

Mexico is located north of the United States and is in the southern portion of North America. The country is considered the 13th largest in the world in terms of area, and it ranks 10th in the most populous countries. Mexico is considered one of the six cradles of civilization, with human history in Mexico dating back to 8,000 BCE. Many different civilizations, including the Maya, Olmec, Teotihuacan, Zapotec, and more. It is a country steeped in history and has the 15th largest economy by nominal GDP.

Mexico is known for its natural and cultural diversity, though many of the themes that made it mainstream, like tacos, mariachi, burritos, and tequila, don’t do justice to the depth of what Mexico offers. It’s a popular tourist destination and one of the more exciting places for adventurous tourists.

The Pyramid of Cholula

It might seem strange, but did you know that Mexico is home to the largest pyramid in the world? One might think of the great pyramids of Giza when it comes to the largest pyramids in the world, but the distinction goes to Mexico’s pyramid of Cholula. One of the interesting things about Cholula is that the pyramid can be overlooked as it was built under a mountain, whereas Egypt’s pyramids are in plain sight. It makes for a surprising tourist visit, especially for those who’ve never seen the pyramid of Cholula.

Learning About the Mayan Civilization

For those who want to immerse themselves in the history of civilization, Mexico houses Mayan ruins, which have an almost mystical air. While the Mayans are an early civilization, it might be surprising how advanced their infrastructure was as compared to other civilizations of the time. This is why these impressive Mayan structures still exist today as ruins. All sorts of spectacular ruins are available for tourists to visit, including the Kukulkan pyramid and ruins located in Uxmal, Tulum, and Coba.

The Many Boutique Hotels

It may seem plain compared to the many other reasons to visit Mexico, but you’d be surprised how the many boutique hotels in the country rank as the best in the world. One of the amazing things about Mexico is how everything seems steeped in culture, and the same can be said about the boutique hotels of the country. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the large-scale resorts and top-quality hotels in many other areas. It’s a bit of Mexico in each location, making it a unique experience.

World Heritage Sites

For those who enjoy history and like to immerse themselves in the culture of a location, Mexico is one of the top tourist destinations. It has a surprising number of locations considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To put things in perspective, ten cities in Mexico are a part of the World Heritage Sites. Each of these historical locations is reason enough to visit the country, which opens up the opportunity to plan out visits to Mexico in the best way. It’s undoubtedly a country for history buffs.

The Tequila Country

While something like tequila is undoubtedly a mainstream aspect of Mexico, there’s a good reason why. Mexico is world famous for its tequila, a town located in the highlands. If you’re a tequila fan, you’ll want to head to the town of Tequila, specifically the Tequila Trail, where you’ll find the country’s best distilleries. It’s a place one won’t soon forget, especially due to the striking taste of the many different tequilas available. Tequila is so important that under Mexican law, most types of tequila must be derived from a specific plant called the Tequilana weber.

More Agave-Based Alcoholic Drinks

As far as the local libations go, it isn’t just tequila that tops the list of reasons to visit Mexico. There are many different agave-based alcoholic drinks available, which is a treat not only for connoisseurs but also the history buffs that want to steep themselves in the culture of a location. One fantastic example is Mescal, which is meant to be sipped neat as it’s an extremely strong drink. On the other hand, drinks such as Pulque aren’t necessarily known for their strong flavor, so they’re commonly enjoyed with fruit juices.

Traditional Music and Dance

Mexico is such a popular tourist destination because the country has a habit of wearing its heart on its sleeve. You can feel the culture no matter where you go, especially about the country’s traditional music and dance. Mariachi is one such style, but you’ll also find other interesting styles, such as ballet folklóricos. If you want to discover more, you must visit popular hot spots and look around. Most places have a story to tell, especially about music and dance.

The Mexican Film Industry

Mexico is well-known for its rich history in television and films. For example, you can come to the Guadalajara International Film Festival to experience what the Mexican film industry is all about. Like everything else, the film industry is rich in Mexican history and culture. The best part is the treasure trove of iconic Mexican films you can watch long after you visit the country. Mexicans are passionate about the film industry, making it a popular tourist location for film and history buffs.

A Warm and Vibrant Community

You’ll rarely come across a community as welcoming and passionate as you find in Mexico. Most locals are extremely friendly no matter which city you visit. But, of course, like most other areas around the world, some regions are best avoided. Mexico has a set of best-practice methods that tourists would do well to follow. Mexico has an incredibly warm and vibrant community, but it would be wise to follow the country’s guidelines to stay as safe as possible.

The Sustainable and Popular Tourism Scene

Mexico is surprisingly good at caring for tourists, provided they follow a few guidelines. It’s not difficult to enjoy yourself in a country such as Mexico, as you can immerse yourself in Mexican culture just by walking down the street. Mexico is well-known for its sustainable and popular tourism scene, which is why so many people visit the country every year. There are also plenty of eco-friendly accommodations and destinations for those worried about their carbon footprint. Overall, the country has a little something to offer everyone.

A Haven for Experimental Music

While Mexico is well-known for its deep connection to its culture and overall history, it doesn’t mean that the locals aren’t willing to switch things up now and again. Those who want to enjoy experimental music should add Mexico to their list of top destinations. It’s a haven for experimental music, and many clubs tackle avant-garde, experimental styles. There are also music festivals that celebrate Mexico’s cultural music while still taking the time to tackle experimental musical themes.

Modernist, Cutting-Edge Architecture

Many people think of Mexico as a country deeply connected to its history, which means heritage sites and old historical architecture. However, similar to the music scene, Mexico is a mix of old and new. Aside from all the old towns and buildings, you also have a modernist, cutting-edge architectural scene that’s sure to impress. The urban setting of Mexico can be breathtakingly modern yet still be connected to its roots. One side complements the other, creating a unique experience for any tourist that hasn’t had the pleasure of visiting the country.

A Country Focused on Wellness Activities

Most people who have been to Mexico know the locals as extremely friendly and willing to help however they can. One reason why the locals are so relaxed is due to the country’s focus on wellness activities. If you’re the type to enjoy a relaxing trip to the spa and other activities, such as yoga, Mexico is one of the best places to enjoy yourself. The country focuses on wellness activities that are rarely matched by other tourist hotspots worldwide. Mexico has plenty of spas and retreats for those looking to unwind.

The Street Art Scene

All you have to do to experience Mexico’s culture and history is take a walk on its streets. One of the reasons why it’s so easy to immerse yourself in the country’s culture is due to the connection of Mexico to street art. Just about everywhere you go, you’ll find examples of beautiful street art lining the towns and cities of the culturally diverse country. The street art scene of Mexico is exceptional and is undoubtedly enough reason to visit.

Beautiful Coastal Towns

Many tourists that visit Mexico tend to gravitate toward the coastal towns. The reason why coastal towns tend to be extremely popular is due to the delicious cuisine and sustainable tourism. These coastal towns often have the best places to stay, and you can expect delicious food regardless of direction. These locations are some of the most ideal spots around the globe as it’s the best way to experience Mexico for those that don’t have the time to visit every popular location.

The Beach Country

While there are many reasons to visit Mexico, one particularly compelling reason to visit the country is the thriving beach scene. Mexico is a popular tourist destination, which means the beaches are always full of people looking to have the time of their lives. While it does make things a little more lively than usual, it’s an unforgettable scene for first-time visitors. Mexico has many beaches, which also happen to be near its beautiful coastal towns. As such, many tourists book their stay in these coastal destinations.

An Affordable Tourist Destination

Tourism is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s top priorities. As such, you’ll find that tourists tend to crowd some of the most popular locations in the country at all times of the year. The reason why so many tourists visit is due to how affordable a trip to Mexico can be. As an affordable tourist destination, it does have the side-effect of inflated prices in some areas, specifically the Yucatan. If you want to go for a more affordable visit overall, it’s a good idea to consider the seasons and festivals.

Underrated Mexico City

Tourists typically visit the coastal towns due to affordable prices and the fact that they’re next to Mexico’s many beaches. It allows tourists to visit other areas, such as underrated Mexico City. The city has plenty to offer tourists, especially first-time visitors. You also will not have to worry about people looking to price gouge tourists, as the hustle and bustle is usually saved for the most popular tourist attractions. Mexico City is an underrated location in the country, and you can spend most of your time there and still have plenty of fun.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Mexico is well-known for its distinct cuisine, and each town or city has its specialties. Traditional cuisine in Mexico is quite the rabbit hole, which means foodies have plenty to look forward to with regard to Mexican food. Mexican cuisine is a delicious combination of traditional and experimental dishes, reflecting Mexico as a country. Mexico has always embraced old and new, which means there’s so much for you to experience. If the point of your travel plan to Mexico is its diverse cuisine, it’s undoubtedly a legitimate reason to visit.

The Seasonal Tropical Paradise

Most tourists know Mexico for its warm tropical climate, which can be a little problematic as Mexico’s tap water is not a good idea to drink for tourists. That said, bringing your own water bottle with a filter is a good way of solving the issue of tap water. If you want to avoid the hottest times of the year and enjoy a tropical paradise, try to visit between April to May or September to October. There are fewer tourists, and the weather is far less intense.